The society promotes and facilitates the research, preservation and conservation of the history of West Auckland. Visit our research and display centre at Mill Cottage (open on Saturdays 11am-3pm). Volunteers from our Family History Group are available to assist with genealogy every 2nd Saturday.

We celebrate our dramatic landscape defined by three spectacular shorelines which has ensured that things are done in a particular way in the west and that there is a distinct flavour to the way that history unfolds. West Auckland Historical Society is vitally interested in seeing regional stories of the recent and distant past enrich the present. We do this through publishing, displays, talks and other activities. 

We are proud guardians of the historic Henderson's Mill site, on which Mill Cottage, our headquarters, is located. We also hold general meetings featuring historical talks on the the third Tuesday of every month (except December and January) at the Opanuku Room, Corban Estate, Henderson. Non members are welcome (entry $2).


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